LED Sequence Flasher FLINT


LED Sequence Indicators FLINT, black, tinted glass, E-marked, pair

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SHIN YO LED Sequence flasher FLINT, black, tinted glass, E-approved The modern flasher with built-in running light system, lightweight plastic housing and tinted glass has the latest lighting technology. When flashing, the individual LEDs light up one after the other from the inside to the outside, creating a wiping effect similar to that of current passenger car models.

The trendy running light is a real eye-catcher that makes your vehicle stand out in road traffic and thus increases road safety. Even with the tinted glass, the turn signal is well perceived by the running light in road traffic. The indicator is suitable for front and rear:
Width A: 67 mm
Width B: 76.5 mm
Height C: 11.5 mm
Depth D: 20 mm
Threaded bolt: M 8
Weight: 19 g

Power consumption: 12,V 2,7 W
Red cable = flasher (+)
Black cable = ground (-)

Scope of supply: 1 pair


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