SHIN YO STRAIGHT fairing mirror


SHIN YO STRAIGHT fairing mirror, black, E-tested, piece, please order adapter set for fairing separately.

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SHIN YO STRAIGHT fairing mirror, E-approved

Look forward to this trendy fairing mirror with a lightweight plastic rearview mirror housing and an aluminum mirror arm. A corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball clamp allows precise adjustment of the mirror. For mounting on the fairing you need an adapter set, please order the required adapter set separately, it is available in different lengths and variants. The mirror can be used on the left and right and has an E-mark, which means that the mirror can be used legally in road traffic.

A: Width head: 120 mm
B: Height head: 85 mm
C: Total width: 185 mm
D: Total height: 160 mm
Stem length: 144 mm, joint 33 mm
Socket hole: M6 x 1.25 mm

Scope of supply: 1 piece, please order adapter set for cladding separately.

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