SHIN YO Lenkerspiegel SEVENTY, schwarz

SHIN YO handlebar mirror SEVENTY, chrome or black, E-marked<br><br>Classic round mirror with adjustable mirror head in height.<br>The thread size is M10 x 1.25 mm.<br>In the delivery there is an extra adapter for left-hand thread.<br>The mirror can be used left and right.<br><br>Dimensions:<br>A width: 101 mm<br>B length: 101 mm<br>C overall width: approx. 120 mm<br>D Overall height: approx. 160 mm<br>Stem length: about 145 mm to the kink and then from the kink 45 mm<br>Weight: 276 g<br><br>Scope of delivery: 1 piece <br>