SHIN YO Multi Pocket Booster CP-12, 7.500 mAh

SHIN YO Multi Pocket Booster CP-12, 7.500 mAh
Jump Starter in pocket size. Easy and quick help, if your battery fails. This little device is an alternative solution for booster cable. Suited for all Diesel and Gasoline vehicles with a displacement of 2.000 cc or less and 12V batteries.

This Multifunctional Power Supply, can be used at various occasions. Powerful capacity to jump start automobile, motorcycle, ATV, scooter, speed boat, snow mobile . Further charge cell phone, tablet, MP3 / MP4 and other devices.

Inclusive smart cable with
• Polarity reserval protection
• Short circuit protection
• Undervoltage protection
• Overvoltage protection because of return current from generator while engine is running

Length: 135 mm
Width: 76 mm
Depth: 16 mm
Weight: 225 g
Output: 5V / 2A, 12V Jump start
Input: 14V / 1A
LED flashlight with 3 modes: illumination / strobe / SOS
Full charging time: 3hrs
Start current: 200A
Peak current: 400A
Operating temperature: -20°C bis +60°C

Delivery contents:
1 x Auto Start Emergency Power Supply
1 X Car charge
1 x Power plug 220V
1 x Connector cable / cigarette lighter
1 x USB Connection cable 4 in 1
1 x User's manual