SHIN-YO product variety

Variety of offers and product quality


In the motorcycle and ATV accessories sector, the SHIN YO brand is one of the hottest and most widespread brands in the industry.

Especially in lighting, especially in LED technology, SHIN YO can confidently be called the market leader. Newly developed headlights, taillights, turn signals etc. are presented regularly.

From E-approved headlights to mini LED license plate illumination – here every “rebuilder” will find what he is looking for! SHIN YO also offers outstanding alternatives with an excellent price-performance ratio for stators.

SHIN YO is characterised by reliability, deliverability and top quality at fair prices. Through innovative new and further developments SHIN YO can offer a huge selection for custom bikes, choppers, sport motorcycles, racers, enduros and ATVs. You will find the complete SHIN YO range on the following pages. Have a good trip!