CIRCULA-S 2in1 turn signal/position light


SHIN YO CIRCULA-S LED turn signal/position light, black, tinted glass, E-approved, pair

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SHIN YO CIRCULA-S 2in1 LED turn signal, E-approved for front

Flowing shapes and perfect transitions characterize the appearance of the SHIN YO CIRCULA-S, even more so it presents itself in just the right size. The light of the SHIN YO CIRCULA-S is an announcement that unmistakably shows which way is up. The powerful LEDs show their best side with this stylish add-on parts. Equipped with a particularly beautiful luminous image, the direction indicator shines or flashes brightly and strongly. Look forward to this elegant directional indicator whose form and function blend beautifully. Also available as standard LED turn signal and 3in1 turn signal combination.

B Width: 30 mm
C Height: 22 mm
D Depth: 21 mm
Thread: 17 mm, M8x1.25 threaded bolt

Yellow = blinker (+)
White = position light (+)
Black = ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 pair.

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