LOOP PRO MODUL LED turn signal


SMD built-in flasher LOOP PRO module, oval light circuit as flashing signal, tinted glass, pair, for lamination or gluing, E-tested.

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SHIN YO SMD built-in flasher LOOP PRO module, E-examined

The LOOP PRO module of the popular SHIN YO built-in flasher for laminating or gluing has an oval light circuit as a flashing signal. The lighting technology, which results in a ring-shaped beam, sets new standards. Very unobtrusive plastic body with SMD-LED technology. This hard-wearing and powerful LED technology with specially adapted lens is brighter than normal LEDs at the same power consumption and allows an extremely small and flat design. You’ll be surprised how much power and brightness comes from the SMD LEDs. The turn signal is suitable for front and rear and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Height: 8,5 mm
Width: 40 mm
Depth: 13 mm
Cable length: 350 mm

Technical data:
Yellow cable = Blinker (+)
Black cable = Ground (-)

Scope of supply: 1 pair

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