5 3/4 inch headlight Bates Style


SHIN YO 5 3/4″ Bates Style headlight, H4 12V 60/55W, embossed glass, with parking light, black satin metal housing, bottom mounting, E-marked.

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SHIN YO 5 3/4 inch headlight Bates Style, black satin
The popular main headlight with its classic style in hemisphere shape makes the headlight the perfect part for all conversion projects. The tested headlamp is also robust and easy to install.

Technical data:
– Metal housing
– Embossed glass
– H4 insert with parking light
– H4 12V 60/55W
– Mounting point: bottom

Diameter front: approx. 155 mm
Depth: 90 mm, with ring approx. 92 mm
Sunk hole diameter: 8.8 mm
Sunk hole depth: 10 mm
Screw: 9.4 x 20 mm
Thread: 24G 3/16, 7/32
Height mounting block to ring: approx. 27 mm
Height mounting block: approx. 30 mm
Width/depth mounting block: approx. 22 mm
Height mounting with block, center/center: approx. 39 mm

Diameter A = 153 mm
Diameter GA = 133 mm
Diameter I = 145 mm
T = 75 mm
R = 20 mm

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

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