SHIN YO Projection light CYCLOPS


Ellipsoid headlamp CYCLOPS with electronic shield for low beam and high beam, ring-shaped LED position light, metal housing black matt, round, side mounting, E-marked

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SHIN YO main headlamp CYCLOPS
Innovative ellipsoid main headlamp with electronic diaphragm for low beam and high beam. High-quality black matt metal housing with M8 side mounting. This headlight with a LED position light ring lets your vehicle shine in a new light, E-examined.

Diameter: 190 mm
Depth: 160 mm
From mounting point to rear housing approx. 90 mm

Technical data:
3-way plug for ellipsoid use with shutter
green = ground (-)
white = low beam (+)
blue = high beam (+)
LED ring for front position light
brown = plus (+)
black = ground (-)
lamp: H3 bulb 12V 55W, PK 22S

scope of supply: 1 piece

spare parts:
spare parts ellipsoid headlight insert: Art. No. 223-309
Replacement control unit: Art. No. 223-309K
Replacement bulb: Art. Item No. 209-170

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black matt

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