7-inch LTD headlight, embossed glass


LTD headlight, 7 inch, H4 insert with embossed glass, round mounting holes on the sides. E-approved

available in various colors.

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SHIN YO 7 inch LTD main headlight, E-approved

– Approved as main headlight
– Available in black matt or shiny with chrome ring metal housing
– H4 insert withParking light
– Embossed glass
– Mounting: Side, M8 x 1.25

– Dimensions:
– Distance between mounting holes: 200 mm
– Depth: 120 mm
– Distance between mounting holes and back of housing:70 mm

H4 connector
Green = Ground
White = Low beam
Blue = High beam

Stand light
Black = Ground
Brown = Stand light +

Supply includes: 1 piece incl.
– 1x triple connector
-1x bracket
– 1x parking light bulb

Supplied without H4 bulb

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black, black matt, chrome

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