Micro LED license plate illumination


Micro LED license plate light 45x7x12mm, black, E-approved.

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SHIN YO LED license plate light Micro without housing with E-mark.

This LED license plate light can be placed inconspicuously due to its extremely small design.

Cancan be glued or screwed on. This allows many mounting positions for the legally required complete illumination of the license plate.
The license plate illumination hasE-mark and requires no further paperwork.
It can therefore be installed without further ado in accordance with the installation regulations.

Dimensions (approx.):
Dimensions (height x width x depth) approx. 7 x 45 x 12mm
screw length: 15 mm, thread length: 3 mm
cable length: 55 cm
weight: 8g
br/>cable assignment:
red = plus
black = minus
open cable end without plug
three 12 Volt / 0.3 WattLEDs

Scope of delivery: 1 piece including screws and adhesive pad

For mounting to our HIGHSIDER license plate holders with the art. no. 280-xxx we recommend the SET mounting bracket with LEDLicense plate light (see Accessories tab).

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