Power resistor 25W with cable


SHIN YO power resistor 25W- 8,2 Ohm with cable, pair

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SHIN YO Power resistor for LED flasher
When mounting LED flashers, depending on the flasher relay installed, problems may occur with the flashing frequency. These resistors offer an effective remedy, as they simulate a power of approx. 21 watts at 12 V.

Power resistor available in:
6.8 Ohm 25 Watt
7.5 Ohm 25 Watt
8.2 Ohm 25 Watt
10 Ohm 25 Watt

Scope of supply: 1 pair

The resistors must always be connected in parallel.

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10 Ohms, 6.8 Ohm, 7.5 Ohm, 8.2 Ohm